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About Five 5 creations

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


 Over the past two decades Five 5 Creations has been dedicated to bringing our client's ideas and dreams to life. We are a full service graphic design, event planning, print and merchandise marketing, and total brand management firm. We also offer interior decorating services, as well as all-inclusive gift-giving experiences for our clients. We work alongside our clients throughout the entire process to ensure our clients needs are met and are fully satisfied with the product and service provided. 


Founded in 2005 in Houma, LA, Five 5 Creations was born following years of successful event planning for a local business. What started as parking lot and sidewalk sales blossomed into a multi-faceted design and event planning company.

Five 5 (Five Five) Creations was named following a battle with mental health struggles our founder, endured throughout his earlier phases of life. He used and recited the Bible verse, Matthew 5:5, throughout this time in life, which states, "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." Additionally, Five 5 was particularly symbolic due to life changing events that occurred on May 5, 2019. 




Jesus continues to describe the Beatitudes: sayings about who is blessed and why, especially as it relates to the coming kingdom of heaven. Now Jesus declares those who are meek to be blessed because they will inherit the earth. The word meek does not mean "weak," though that's how many misinterpret it. The word is best understood as "gentleness," or a refusal to take control by brute force or manipulation. Meekness, from a Christian perspective, is about faith.


It is about trusting God to win the battle in the end instead of going to extremes to win the battle on our own terms. The concept is often referred to as "strength under control," rather than "strength seeking control."This is exactly backwards from the world's common understanding. Most believe the world to be controlled by those strong and ambitious enough to take what they want. The world belongs to the rich, the dominant, and the bold. Jesus flips that around. He declares that the true inheritors of the earth are the meek.Once again, Jesus' meaning here is in connection to those who have faith in Him.


If we belong to the Lord, and if the Lord becomes king of the earth, as the Messiah will, then all those who are His will inherit the earth with Him. "Meekness" is not a requirement for becoming a true Christian, but meekness is something which naturally comes from having a saving knowledge of Christ.It should be said that true meekness takes courage; we must fight with ourselves to trust God's plan and His character. It's hard to be humble and patient when we cannot fully understand how good will win in the end.


About Five 5 creations

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


For nearly 20 years, Chris Leonard has run a successful event management company, specializing in fundraising event planning. Chris is an expert in creating memorable events that benefit the community, charities, and school organizations. Chris believes in giving his clients the very best. From consulting, event management, and booking artists, to marketing, and other business graphics, Chris is collaborative, creative, and, without exception, cool under pressure. Chris obtained his degree in Human Resource Management. 

20+ Years Experience 

 Event Planning



 Contract Negotiation

 Event Decorating

 Project Management

 Business Management

10+ Years Experience

 Graphic Design

 Marketing/ Public Relations  

 Entertainment Booking

5+ Years Experience 

 Administrative Experience

 Magazine & Tabloid Editing

 Magazine Production

 Human Resource Management

Computer Skills

 Microsoft Outlook/Excel/ Word/ Works

 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10

 Adobe Acrobat






 Quickbooks Contractor Edition

 Various Web Builders



Extensive Social Media experience for businesses and non-profits including; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Four Square, Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, and Mail Chimp.


“Chris is a professional individual with an enormous amount of talent. Anyone would be extremely lucky to be able to work with him.”


Kevin, Archdiocese Of New Orleans, 2017

Chris has found the most economical method to provide beautifully decorated facilities within the budget of a non profit. He has never been late in completing a job and I have never seen any last minute, rushed activities for any event. If there has ever been a problem, he did not let the organization know about it and the venue definitely never reflected problems. He is an excellent decorator and organizer with a particular talent for pleasing non profit and corporate customers.

​​Doreen, NO/AIDS Task Force, 2008

“Chris is one of the most organized persons I have ever worked with. He is efficient and tries to think through every obstacle and pitfall. I am impressed with his abilities and tenacity in getting things done.” 


CrescentCare, 2018

“Chris did a wonderful job decorating for the holidays. His team was professional, courteous, and efficient in getting the job done.”

Phyllis, Boomtown Casino, 2017

"...thank you for an incredible, indescribably special experience. You are a natural leader, and you possess what so many do not - a calm and practical demeanor..."

Juliet - Krewe of King Arthur, 2022



Project Managing the opening of Betty's Bar & Bistro 2019/2020

" It is a testament to your work ethic and organizational skills that you were able to get everything done in basically five weeks. I can't thank you enough for all the long hours you have put into this project."

Tomy, Betty's Bar & Bistro, 2020

“The [Krewe of King Arthur] ball program is outstanding. You should win an award for it.”


Arthur Hardy, Mardi Gras Guide, 2019

Past Corporate Projects

Crescent Care
Visit Morgan City
New Orleans Pride

Boomtown Casino
Louisiana Sex Therapy

Mission Church
Stand for the Silent
Krewe of King Arthur
Ambush Magazine
MC Project Graduation


Krewe of Cleopatra
The Gathering Place
MC Petting Zoo
Stazione Deli
Betty's Bar
Lyons the Lender

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